Frequently Asked Questions

What’s with the name?

We are a New England based company with our “roots” in Boston. We are not subtle and neither are our flavors.

Are cans safe for kombucha?

Yes!  All aluminum cans have a food-safe liner between the can itself and the liquid.  Not only is it safe, but it’s our preferred way to deliver it to you – portable, crushable, and recyclable.

How do you make your kombucha so tasty?

How much time do you have?   It’s a lot of letting science do its job, but in order for nature to do its job correctly you have to “coax” it in the direction you’d like the taste profile to be.  This deals with ingredient formulations, time and temperature.  It’s, like, science and stuff.

Why aren't your cans labeled as organic since all your ingredients are organic?

In order to be labeled “organic” you must go through certain organizations and processes.  We haven’t done that yet, but plan to do so in the future. In the meantime, you can rest easy knowing all our products are made with the highest-quality organic ingredients.

Can I get Revolutionary Roots shipped to me?

We wish!  Unfortunately, Kombucha is a living product and likes the cold.  So, it must be refrigerated from the time it’s canned until the time you drink it. Sorry!

Why is there sediment at the bottom of the can?

Unaltered Kombucha is a ‘living’ beverage rich in probiotics.  Sometimes the brewing process may leave some sediment at the bottom of the can, but usually not.  If you have one, consider yourself lucky!  That’s more health for your buck.

I love using RR as a mixer! Are you going to make a boozy-booch?

You have great ideas!  Stay tuned 😉


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