New England’s Craft Kombucha is now available at Whole Foods

New England’s craft kombucha

We created Revolutionary Roots Kombucha because we wanted a drink we could feel good enjoying after a workout, between meetings, and around a fire pit — without getting buzzed, jittery, or sugar-high.

It’s for the hustlers and the game changers, who need to keep their body and mind strong.

canned kombucha

A canned kombucha that fits your busy, active life: portable, stackable, lightweight, recyclable. Made with only organic ingredients because pesticides don’t belong in your food. Each blend is a perfectly quenching balance of tart and sweet, with 35 calories or less, in three punchy flavors.

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Our Story

Our goal has always been to produce the best tasting and most refreshing kombucha on the market without all the yogi-health-food hype. We envisioned a kombucha that just tastes great, is portable, and delivers just enough of a feel-good boost to get you through your daily hustle.

Revolutionary Roots began as a collaborative effort of two longtime friends and business partners: Michael Kramer and L.J. DiCarlo.

Michael discovered his talent for brewing delicious beer and other beverages, while L.J. and his business partner Max spearheaded the duo’s first business venture: opening multiple group fitness gyms throughout Boston.

L.J.’s savvy business experience, along with Michael’s brewing experience, and Max’s non-stop hustle eventually merged into our latest (and tastiest) venture yet: Revolutionary Roots Kombucha.

For months, Michael worked tirelessly at a community kitchen to develop our easy-drinking flavors, while Max and L.J. eagerly awaited the tasty (and some, not so tasty) samples.

In the summer of 2020, Revolutionary Roots launched in all 27 New England Whole Foods Markets, making New England’s Craft Kombucha accessible to the fans across the northeast.


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Give our kombucha a try and get 15% OFF your first online pick-up order!



Give our kombucha a try and get 15% OFF your first online pick-up order!


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